Ragz Originale follows up recent Oscar Worldpeace collab ‘Send‘ with new track ‘Disaronno Straight’, an altogether more sombre cut from his forthcoming album ‘Nature’ [October 12].  The track comes with an epic new visual, about which Ragz told The Fader: “I’m quite lucky because ‘Disaronno Straight’ was one of the last songs I made before handing in my album.  I had the drum loop in my head for over 2 days.  The following day, after a few drinks, I started reflecting on close calls in my life, good and bad. Around 3 a.m. in studio, the chorus melody was born.  This is the sound of my tipsy conscience, mixed with pain at stupid o’clock.  I sent the song to Jay Green and told him it’s epic or nothing.  He sent back a treatment that completely blew me away, inspired by the classic 90s film ‘Natural Born Killers’.  Alongside my dazzling partner in crime Eva Apio,  Welcome to my rendition of ‘Bonnie & Clyde’!”  Stream below via YouTube.


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