You may not know that you’re familiar with the work of DJ Muggs, but given that the producer masterminded the work of Cypress Hill, you almost certainly will be. ‘Death Wish’ is the first taste of Chapter One of a new project for Muggs, entitled ‘Assassination Day’. To be released on his own label Soul Assassins Records, the new collaborative project is set to drop in August and is described as “a thematic album with a vigilante concept where hip-hop takes corruption head-on, figuratively killing off powerful evildoers in positions of power as the story unfolds.”

The first chapter, MUGGS X DOOM, sees the producer team up with Underground Rap legend MF DOOM, as well as Freddie Gibbs. It’s a brooding, unsettling track that comes with a Sin City inspired visual courtesy of animators Patric Magno and Edgar Neri.

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