Although Ms Banks’ ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ is officially billed as a mixtape, it has all the statement and intent of a debut album, and at twelve tracks long it feels like the first in-depth conversation with the the British MC.  Especially since the star’s cosign, Nick Minaj comparisons feel lazy, but in terms of her confident assertion they’re certainly valid.  Over predominantly London Trap & UK Drill beats, Banks moves between a variety of flows, reaching a peak in terms of complexity on the likes of ‘Chat 2 Mi Gyal’ & ‘Clap’], but also sitting back and riding the beat on tracks like ‘Come Thru,’ on which she bears more resemblance to Peckham rapper Giggs than Queens’ Minaj.

More melodic R&B moments ‘Mula,’ ‘Over [Your Shit]’ and ‘Day Ones’ provide contrast to the South East Londoner’s most rounded work to date. Stream below via Spotify, click here to download via iTunes.

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