Although Donald Glover has previously alluded to not quite being finished with his Rap alter-ego Childish Gambino, new single ‘This is America’ came relatively out of the blue. Speculated to be the first single from an upcoming album, the track comments on the condition of black Americans in 2018, as does the Hiro Murai directed video.

Switching between a care-free chorus and darker, more aggressive verses reflects the disconnect between popular culture/the media’s perception of the black experience versus the reality. Shots are also fired both metaphorically and literally; a trigger-happy Gambino dispatches several characters throughout the video and carries on unabashed [likely a reference to the reaction of American people following a shooting – united in uproar one minute, oblivious and unconcerned the next] but also at the likes of Lil Pump, interpolating his controversial break-out hit ‘Gucci Gang’.

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