We can say with some confidence that no one is making music quite like Young Fathers right now; their sound is so distinct it sticks out a mile from their would-be contemporaries.  New album ‘Cocoa Sugar’ is their third [‘DEAD‘ won the 2014 Mercury Prize, followed by ‘White Men Are Black Men Too‘ in 2015], and was written and recorded in the band’s basement HQ over the course of last year.

Opening track ‘See How’ is so representative of the album as a whole it almost serves as a sampler.  Its funky, slightly jarring melody is punctuated by huge, Grandmaster Flash synth stabs.  As the track builds, we get a lead vocal, accompanied by layers of chanting and eventually, a full Gospel choir.  It’s driving, stirring stuff; joyous and melancholy all at once.  Tracks like ‘Toy’ and ‘Fee Fi’ feel like welcome returns to the band’s grittier, angrier roots on the likes of ‘Tape One’ and ‘Tape Two‘, while the likes of single ‘In My View‘ have this gorgeous, lofty elegance.

It’s good stuff, really good stuff.  Stream below via Spotify, click here to download via iTunes.

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