“Novelist debut album?  Did he produce and write it himself?  Is there pre-order available everywhere?” asked Novelist yesterday as he announced plans to drop his debut studio album later this year, April 13 to be precise.  The South London MC revealed the tracklist for ‘Novelist Guy’ as well as new track ‘Nov Wait Stop Wait’, a self-produced first taste of the project that continues his homage to the traditional role of the live MC, repeating rhymes like ‘Shower down mic inside / Never been a wet guy and I bring vibe’.

“I spent the most of the last few years creating these beats, learning how to mix how I like and pouring my heart out, somehow still managing to rhyme with depth and meaning,” says Nov. “I thank my Mother and Siblings for supporting me throughout the duration of my life keeping me out of trouble, and career, even when I wasn’t focused. All praise be to my Heavenly Father who has guided me the whole way with his Holy spirit which is in Christ. Much love. Enjoy the Art.”

Stream below via Spotify, click here to pre-order the album on iTunes.

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