Formerly known as Luui, British MC Louis Jack releases ‘Meadow’, one continuous, ten-minute body of work, seemingly split into three distinct sections. “The project was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend,” he told Province. “We were talking about people we grew up with and some of the situations they’d been in, and what we have also been in and where we’re at now. So I guess it’s was depicting a life of someone in my hometown of Chesham.”

‘Meadow’ is imbued with a world-weariness that’s beautifully articulated by Luui, added to by delicate yet oppressive production assistance from Mernau & Mishkka. The track is releasedd via Xuuki – a Bristol-Based collective run by Luui and his brother; “Just a group of friends, musicians and artists striving to produce work that is thought-provoking and good for the soul. Stream below via SoundCloud.

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