Having garnered the attention of Dummy Magazine, Clash Magazine & Lost Culture as well as ourselves with singles ‘Let Me Be‘, ‘Church Ave‘ and ‘The King‘, JMZ releases eleven-track debut mixtape ‘Let Me Be Great’.  The British producer’s mix of styles is dizzying; in part echoing the kind of sample technique you’d find on Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout’, but with a beat that’ll chew your food up, put the shit back in your mouth and help you swallow. The mixtape comes to you via new music blog & label Province, JMZ said:

“I’m super happy with how it came out. It took longer to finalise than I thought, and it went through so many changes in every aspect but now I think its where I want it to be. I’m trying to represent for the producers that don’t get enough credit.”

JMZ, a former Music Technology student, cites the likes of Sango, Boi 1da, & Just Blaze as key inspirations when making music. Add that to the influence of Kaytranada & Mike WiLL Made-It and JMZ’s lurching, other-worldly take on Trap & Hip Hop begins to make sense. From humble beginnings [a Macbook, set of Yamaha HS5s, a midi keyboard and a whole load of YouTube tutorials], the British producer is now ready to enjoy “doing what I love, which is making music and being creative.”

Stream ‘Let Me Be Great’ below via SoundCloud.

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