South East London duo BLESSED are back with the first new track since their recent debut EP ‘See Through All The Colours‘.  On ‘Howlin”, sisters Lauren & Georgia Morgan continue showcase their fusion of R&B, Dancehall, Electronic and Pop-influenced sounds.”‘Howlin’ is that craving feeling you have for a person you really like or love, especially when you’re away from them and these feelings become more intense,” Blessed told Clash Magazine.  “As much as ‘Howlin’ is about lusting for a significant other, we still wanted there to be an element of friendship and female solidarity, with women looking out for one another.  We love how the visuals show us on our separate paths but eventually joining together to meet our closest girls in the party scene to really bring it all together. We had so much fun shooting it and love that we’re able to look back on a project that our friends are a part of.”  Stream below via YouTube, click here to stream the track on your platform of  choice.

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