Premiered on Julie Adeuga’s Beats 1 Radio show, Kojey Radical’s new track ‘AFTER WINTER’ doesn’t pull any punches.  With a direct, almost accusatory cadence, Radical airs a few grievances concering ‘the destruction of [his] people’.  “’After Winter’ was the first song we wrote and recorded after ‘23Winters‘,” he explains.  “I remember feeling like I always made it such a conscious effort to consider everything I say in my music and in order to find freedom I had to let go and trust in my skill… I felt brand new, I felt a sense confidence that I could embark on a new journey and speak my truth in a way that offers all walks of life another perspective.  ‘After Winter’ serves as a page in a story of a young man trying to find his voice in a world that no longer feels like utopia.  Art imitates life, and I amongst much of my generation can feel a shift that is almost paralysing in its confusion and now we’re going to see that reflected in our creativity and in our actions… ‘After Winter’, expect change.”  Stream below via Spotify.

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