The latest in our series of curator playlists comes courtesy of Stan Sorrell, owner of South Space Records.  Also a producer in his own right under the name 5tatic, Sorrell founded the fledgling creative collective in the summer of 2015 while still at school. The label’s roster includes seven diverse artists; 5tatic, E.K.A. Beats, +44Rapture, Cil, Bubbleclap, Duke Cardamom & Majoriti.

Curated for Province, The South Space Records playlist features a selection of tracks from their own roster, as well as some of the music that inspires them from the likes of Kaytranada, J Dilla, Kendrick Lamar & 808INK.  SSR’s is the fourth in our series, following playlists curated by 8Bit Hip Hop, Sharkkana Pryce & Rosie Matheson.


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