Freddie Gibbs is back, announcing new album ‘You Only Live 2wice’ [March 31] with new track and video ‘Crushed Glass’.  The video sees Gangsta Gibbs wake up face down in a desert, pick himself up and walk his way out, only to wake up in prison after night falls. Two days before the track’s release, Gibbs was cleared of all sexaul assault charges made against him in a recent court case, which he addresses head on in the track: “I just beat a rape case, groupie bitch I never fucked / Trying to give me ten for some pussy that I never touched / At a certain level, system tried to test a nigga’s nuts/ Nigga hire like eleven lawyers, had to level up” [lyrics via Genius].Stream below via YouTube, pre-order ‘YOL2’ here on iTunes.

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