Comprising of MC K Mensah and producer Pete H, East London’s Makola are a duo whose music spans Grime, Hip Hop and Afrobeat, and whose origins span Ghana, Finland and the UK.  Thunderous basslines, intense horns and powerful vocal samples accompany K Mensah’s sharp stream of urban consciousness.  “The video is us taking you through the world of Makola, the things we see and encounter,” say the duo.  “With our mask on you see things through our eyes.  Black Man Statues isn’t particularly tied down to specific race but more about real and static depictions of culture within London.  How will we be depicted in the future?  All we can hope for are honest representations and as long as diversity is captured and celebrated our generation’s story shall be told and celebrated for evolving a sense of humanity and community.  We are all Black Man Statues.”  Stream below via YouTube, click here to download via iTunes.

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