Actor turned vocalist/producer Raleigh Ritchie follows ‘Unicron Love’ with ‘Sicko’, a second track from upcoming EP ‘Mind The Gap’ [December 16]. To be released next week, the EP will serve as an epilogue to Ritchie’s debut album ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy‘. “The reason I want to put this EP out is to kind of cap off 2016” he says. “The album came out at the top of the year, and I felt like there was still stuff I hadn’t said, or stuff that I wanted to say with the record but they weren’t things that fitted, so I think of this as an epilogue. It’s not a complete departure, or a new sound, but more of a tag. I needed some closure before moving on to the second album. So ‘Mind The Gap’ is a closing of ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy‘, before the new year starts.” Stream ‘Sicko’ below via SoundCloud.


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