Duckwrth had us thoroughly entertained with the Anderson .Paak featured visual for ‘Get Uugly‘, and thankfully he’s wasted no time in following it up with the equally Funk-inflected ‘Lowridr’.  Produced by Ru AREYOU, the track will feature on the Bay Area via South Central  MC’s upcoming debut EP ‘I’M UUGLY’, which will also be accompanied by a new clothing collection designed by the man himself.  It’s about “discovering elements that you wouldn’t find appealing in commercial fashion and making them work,” says Duckwrth. “My primary color for this collection is brown. Fashion sometimes frowns on brown (how ironic) and deems it ugly. So my job is to make brown look attractive and appealing through a well designed arrangement of color palettes and fonts and placing women of colour in these appealing colourways.”  Stream below via SoundCloud.


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