Jay Prince releases a new set of visuals for ‘Good Right Now’, one of the more personal tracks from his ‘Beautiful Mercy‘ mixtape.  As he explains to The Fader, the track is “one of the songs that truly means the most to me.  This is a song that was inspired by the people I grew up with, and that have impacted my life in a big way. I did a lot of name drops, which is something I usually don’t do, but I wanted to hit home with this one, and let my people know how much they mean to me.”  The sentiment is evident on the record, and echoed by the video, co-directed by Jay himself along with Yannick Monteiro and Filmawi Efrem.  “This whole video was DIY and created by people that I know personally. They either grew up in my hood, or are my best friends who were there when I was doing this music and nobody was trying to hear me.”  Stream below via YouTube.

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