Having released two EPs on Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper Records [including the recent ‘European Heartache‘], British producer Loom is set to release a new one on French label Sound Pellegrino.  Along with the announcement come three tracks from the EP: ‘Acid Rain’, ‘Burnt Glass’ and a remix of ‘Hardest In The Year’ courtesy of Le Dom.  From the sound of things so far, it’s a blistering infusion of “drum-less grime meets glass-shard club antics”.  Speaking on the two original tracks, label boss/DJ Teki Latex says: “Alternating between an ambient intro, a bursting trance bridge and some bubbly broken club parts, it acts both as a respiration and an invitation to rowdiness whether it is in ‘da club’ or ‘da Art Gallery’.  ‘Acid Rain’ feels like actual acid raining in your face and ‘Hardest In The Year’ sounds like blocks of concrete being thrown around in a hangar.  Both are on a more straightforward tough vibe but the bubbly feeling remains and those two club tools will destroy any dance floor while maintaining some melodic parts to balance the violent ones.”  If that doesn’t compel you to stream below via SoundCloud, I don’t know what will.

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