Shortly after the release of recent mixtape ‘#DontFreakOut’ [featuring singles ‘Gully‘, ‘Choppin Necks‘, ‘Spin A Man and ‘PAR‘], Dark E Freaqer releases new track ‘2C-I’.  Given the track’s hectic pace and bewildering plethotra of high-pitched sounds, it’s no wonder the South Londoner named the track after the recreational narcotic.  The track will feature on Freaker’s upcoming EP ‘ADHD’, about which he says: “The timeliness of this music isn’t so important, the main thing is that it’s RAVE music. I’m trying to fuse RAVE… with Grime/Hip Hop grooves, drops, drum patterns & basslines.  It’s me pushing some of the musical influence of my adolescence into my adulthood.  It’s nostalgic in the most progressive way.”  Stream below via SoundCloud, pre-order ‘ADHD’ here on iTunes.


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