ELWD returns with his third LP on Bad Taste Records, ‘There’s Light Somewhere’.  Retaining the glitchy, chopped-up, experimental sound we’ve come to know and love, the Northern beatmaker goes slightly darker this time round.  Hip Hop is the major undercurrent, but the record dips the occasional toe into Chillout, Ambient, Jazz and Soul, as well as Jungle, Breakbeat and even Dubstep.  It’s these flashes, evident on ‘whenitfeltreal//sometimesclear’, ‘circuit162//stilltime’ and ‘etherealend’, that push his sound into edgier territory.  And in contrast to his sun-drenched ‘Tropic’ LP, there’s a pervasive sense of melancholy in the music; you can almost feel rain falling on ‘samestreets//newday’ and ‘arainyreprise’.  Stream below via BandCamp, click here to download on iTunes.

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