Friday February 12 saw Golden Rules bring their transatlantic brand of soulful, psychedelic Hip Hop to Corsica Studios, London.  The duo is comprised of South London producer Paul White and Florida-born MC/vocalist Eric Biddines, whose humility translates as well on stage as well as it does on record.

Golden Rules released their debut LP, ‘Golden Ticket‘, on Lex Records last August.  Album tracks like ‘Auntie Pearl’s House‘, ‘Never Die‘, ‘Play Some Luther‘, ‘Down South Boogie‘ and ‘It’s Over‘ formed the basis of their set, as well as ‘The Let Down‘ [for which the duo recently released a new video].

Check out our photo gallery below, click here to get ‘Golden Ticket’ on iTunes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Daniela Monteiro.



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