Drop a single, drop the album, drop a video to the single – it gets a bit boring doesn’t it?  That’s why we love it when people like Kwamie Liv fuck with tradition and go a little leftfield.  The Danish vocalist released two videos today; the first, ‘Lost In The Girl’,  is taken from her debut EP while the second, ‘Perfect Grace’ is from an upcoming project due for release in March.  “‘Lost in the Girl’ is a video I have been wanting to make for a long time,” says Liv. “It’s also my way of closing the chapter on my first EP, a final kiss perhaps to a project that has meant so much to me. The visual itself is a celebration of fearlessness, vulnerability and ultimately the strength of standing together without trying to fit into one thing.”

“‘Perfect Grace’ is more intimate,” she continues. “There is something about the delicacy of one-takes that I love. Ultimately the two videos are as independent as they are an interchangeable continuation of each other, they’re different sides of the same thing.”

What are you saying?

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