GoldLink’s debut album ‘And After That, We Didn’t Talk’, arrived a week early via Soulection.  We guess he just couldn’t wait any longer, and from the tracks he shared in the build-up to the LP drop, neither could we.

The variety of producers involved in AATWDT [Tom Misch, Medasin, Galimatias and long-time partner Louie Lastic] is indicative of the different sounds and genres GoldLink has pulled upon for this record.  It’s a credit to him that he manages to mash up Hip Hop with elements of House, Disco, R&B and Electro and still create a very cohesive body of work.  Similarly, GL effortlessly combines sincerity and fun, whether it’s risqué rhymes over a dance floor-ready beat on ‘Dance On Me‘ or the bouncy vibe and biting lyrics of ‘New Black‘.

As GoldLink himself explains: “I don’t want the album to feel like one consistent vibe, but rather that you’re going through a lot of emotions at the same time; I was balancing a lot mentally when I did this album, keeping a lot of things in mind.  So if you don’t like dance-y stuff, then you’ll like sing-y stuff; if you hate my fucking voice when I sing, then you’ll like the rap shit; if you hate all that stuff and wanna be basic, then you’ll like another record.  So I’m really trying to do that and stay me and then, I don’t know, grow as an artist.”

GoldLink brings something truly unique to Hip Hop’s table with ‘And After That…’, and for his first LP out of the gate that is no mean feat. Stream the album below via Spotify, click here to download from iTunes.


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