Novelist has been dropping hints about his debut album for a minute, but his first official release since ‘1 Sec EP’ came this week with ‘Endz’.  The electronic percussion in the minimal beat harks back to the late eighties.  This concept is borne out in the video which has that grainy, VHS feel you’d get from cassette recordings of the early Grime scene.  Having directed the video, produced the beat and written the bars – this is a strong offering displaying clear vision, promising stuff indeed.  Stream below via YouTube.

One thought on “NOVELIST – ENDZ

  1. How goes it?

    My name is Sieed Brown coming out of Mpls MN. I’ve reached out a few times in hopes to establish some form of communication with writers I’ve been following and reading work from. I figured id reach out again for a track i recently released & think it would be a really good fit based on some of your work that I have read up on! (Link Below), but really any support, input & even feed back as far as communicating or style is always appreciated.

    Much love bruhda. keep doing good work.

    ps. Here is a link to my most recent project titled ‘Ameliorate EP’, if this song doesn’t really cut it for you, I truly believe you will find something within the project @ or @

    Much love y’all,

    Sieed Brown


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