Little Simz drops her debut album ‘A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons’ on her independent label Age 101 and absolutely lives up to the hype. With ‘Trials + Persons’ Simz has created a true concept album. Adopting different voices, she explores fame and everything that goes along with it – change, money, judgement, freedom, negativity, and creativity – all with effortless flow, switching from hard and heavy [‘Dead Body’] to smooth and half-sung [‘Fallen’].  Simz isn’t just one of the most exciting MCs in the UK right now, she’s one of the most exciting artists of any genre, and she’s not afraid to let you know it, as she lays down on LP opener ‘Persons’, “Everybody knows that I’m king now. Women can be kings”. If that’s not a statement of intent then we don’t know what is.  You won’t find it on ‘Trials + Persons’ but if you have any doubts about Simz, do be sure to check ‘Dead Body Part 2 + 3’ featuring Stormzy and Kano.  Stream the album below via Spotify.

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