‘Tropic’ follows ‘Dreamwaves‘ as ELWD’s second album on Bad Taste Records.  Despite being created in the North East of England, the album evokes palm-lined boulevards, sun-drenched beaches and steamy jungles throughout.  On one level it’s mellow Instrumental Hip Hop at it’s finest, but it goes deeper than that.  Split over two sides of a cassette, Side A sets up a upbeat [but still decidedly chilled!] vibe, which makes a subtle change for the somber on Side B.  The tracks of only a a minute or two in length are surely a nod to the great albums of the genre, and to make doubly sure you’re as relaxed as is physically possible; each one is expertly blended into the next.  It’s ELWD’s attention to detail that makes ‘Tropic’ a great listen, with samples from Jazz, Soul, Classic Hip Hop and even what occasionally sounds like a nod to 80s Pop here and there all tied together with a subtlety to be marveled at.  Stream below via BandCamp.


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