Vince Staples’ debut album ‘Summertime ’06’ is finally here.  Released on Def Jam, the double-sided album features singles ‘Senorita‘, ‘Get Paid‘ and ‘Norf Norf‘.  With its artwork a clever re-working of Joy Division’s classic ‘Unknown Pleasures’ cover, the album’s title represents the time a thirteen year old Vince Staples lost his innocence.  ‘Summertime ’06’ also re-frames the stories told by so many other West Coast rappers before him in an interesting new setting; against a whole different set of beats.  Then again, Vince is neither the one whose talent got him out of the ‘hood, nor is he the one who is proud to still be there hustling.  In many ways, the album is purely a lament that he will always be a product of that environment, and remains deeply affected by his past.  Stream the album [featuring contributions from Jhene Aiko, DJ Dahi, Kilo Kish and more] via Spotify


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