Jedi Mind Tricks made up of Stoupe, DJ Kwestion Vinnie Paz have released their 8th studio album to the pleasure of many underground hip hop fans. Known for numerous classic albums namely The Psycho Social album and Violent by Design, the group have come together once again to create an artistic and aggressive album showing that the group are sticking to their roots despite the many obstacles they have had to overcome such as Jus Allah leaving the group. With features from the legendary R.A the Rugged man, Dilated Peoples, upcoming emcee A-F-R-O and many others, this album is bound to exceed expectations with the witty, abstract lyricism, speedy flows and beats that are reminiscent of classic Stoupe production. The return of Stoupe excited many fans and he did not disappoint. On this record, Stoupe brings a variety of beats that vary in tempo and vibe which range from a slow-paced blues influenced track such as Fraudulent Cloth to a hard hitting heavy metal style track such as Deathless Light. You can find out what we think about Fraudulent Cloth here. Stream the album via Spotify below and make sure you support great music by purchasing a copy.

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