Kojey Radical’s ‘Bambu’ is genuinely nothing short of a masterpiece.  As a music blog, we generally don’t feature music unless we love it, so you’ve probably become slightly de-sensitised to us waxing lyrical about new releases – but this is on a whole other level.  On ‘Bambu’, KR spits with such a dramatic immediacy that it’s easy to miss that there is an absolute myriad of content going on under the surface.  The story is as much based on his own experience of inner city life and drug culture as it is a wider comment on current societal ignorance, which is again framed in an even wider, Darwinian sense.  All this is before the epic, Drill-inspired production from Swedish producer Lupus Cain and the beautifully shot, wildly creative and spectacularly poignant video.  Stream below via YouTube.


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