French-born, London-based producer Big Dope P releases his ‘Hit Da Blokk’ EP via Nightwave’s Heka Trax label.  ‘Hit Da Blokk’ is a six track collection [seven, if you cop the vinyl] featuring three original tracks and remixes from the likes of Rustie, Ikonika and DJ Earl Teklife.  Big Dope P’s style encompasses Ghetto House, Hip Hop, Trap and Electro in perfect style.  Normally when an artist spans several genres, the aim is to get elements from each to sit harmoniously with one another.  What’s fantastic about ‘Hit Da Blokk’ is that they just don’t: House beats, Hip Hop samples and Trap synths all jostle for position, giving the EP a ridiculous amount of club-ready energy.  Stream below via Spotify.

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