In August of last year we announced the forthcoming release of ‘The Province EP’, a five track collection produced by Haich, along with our first single, ‘Breezin” [ft. Kepler Gold].  We’re now incredibly pleased to report that the EP is due for release this Monday 30, and will be accompanied by a piece of bespoke visual art in the form of a model city, created exclusively for Province by Sunderland-based artist Jasmine Anderson.  Those that share the project on social media using ‘#TheProvinceEP’ will be eligible to win one of the six structures that make up the city.


‘The Province EP’ is a statement of intent, dedicated to showcasing a selection of the artists we’ve been proud to support and represent since day one, and we’re really excited to be able to bring these artists together to release a project that truly reflects the Province aesthetic.

The release will feature a whole host of UK talent.  At the helm is Haich, a Peterborough-based beatmaker making serious waves and gaining recognition with his low-key, forward-thinking beats.  The project also features bars from Liverpool’s Nelson [praised by the likes of Anthony Fantano], 808INK and Faauve-affiliate Luui to name just a few.


1. ‘Spray’ [ft. Nelson]

2. ‘Onetwo’ [ft. Luui]

3. ‘Breezin” [ft. Kepler Gold]

4. ‘Amendments’ [prod. 808Charmer & Haich] [ft. 808INK]

5. ‘Meadow’



The Province EP marks the beginning of our transition from blog to record label, and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.  30/03/2015 – save the date.

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