After the recently released ‘Rain Or Shine‘, comes another new track from Young Fathers’ upcoming album ‘White Men Are Black Too’.  ‘Shame’ is a relatively up-beat track, which is more reminiscent of TV On The Radio than ever before.  It manages to be as catchy as any Pop song you’re likely to hear [both the lead and the backing vocals will be in your head all day] and also have that awkard Indie feel.  As details of the new album emerge, the most salient extract we can find reads: “The sounds are closer on this album, closer to your ears. It sounds as if you are in the room during the recording, possibly experiencing a little existential trauma, but not enough that you don’t notice an earworm hook when you hear one. These hooks, they stay with you. ‘Is that what they mean by pop’? you ask yourself. Could be, Madonna, could be.”  We’re excited.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

One thought on “YOUNG FATHERS – SHAME

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