nas-illmatic-xx-album-artwork-reissue-20th-anniversary-750x0Anniversary re-issues of classic albums don’t always get Province too excited, even when the album is Nas’ Illmatic and it’s twenty years old.  However, this time things are a little different.  Side one brings no surprises – it’s a remastered version of the original – nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps it’s testament to just how great an album ‘Illmatic’ really is (or perhaps it’s a result of some very low expectations), but side two was an incredibly pleasant surprise.  Listening to eight fresh re-imaginings of the bars we’ve heard in the same frame a hundred times over was a true pleasure.  The remixes do exactly what they should do; enhance, rather than detract from, the original.  And in case you don’t agree, just flip back to side one.  Stream below via Spotify.

One thought on “NAS – ILLMATIC XX

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