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Earlier this year, Iglooghost dropped his hotly anticipated album ‘Treetunnels’.  When we first heard it, it’s unique, zainy stylings made us sit up and listen.  Iglooghost’s style is playful to the point where his beats are often downright ridiculous, but he achieves a sound that is completely absorbing and calming at the same time.  When we found out that the man behind the beats is only seventeen years of age, we realised we were dealing with some exceptional talent.  Naturally, we wanted to have a chat with the Dorset-native to see what on earth is going on, and talk about the music that inspired ‘Treetunnels’.  Stick on the exclusive mix he created for Province, and see what he had to say for himself below.

Province X Iglooghost [Exclusive Mix]… 

That’s like mostly the shit I’ve been digging in the last few weeks.  It’s got a few dudes from this record label called [High Town Dread] or something, this Italian beat label, there’s some sick shit there.  There’s this dude called Vtgnike, he’s this Russian guy.  He does this crazy Juke-influenced shit, but it’s got like Russian  folk music implemented in it, it’s crazy.  Towards the end it gets kind of ambient and sad, I threw in this new jam I’ve been making.  I always like to hide some unreleased shit in my mixes.  I found out the other day, my art teacher at school rented a flat with Squarepusher, it’s crazy.  I think he lived with Cassetteboy and Squarepusher in a flat or something.  I’m actually working with HLMNSRA at the moment, we’re actually making a track right now.  Yeah, Squarepusher, get him to lay down some basslines or something.  I’m making this rap record right now, I’m not rapping – there’s another dude, I mean like grimy shit, the straight Hip Hop stuff, I’m into that right now, that’s the kind of zone I’m in right now.

What Iglooghost is doing at the minute…

I’m in the studio – that sucks, I know that is such a cliche – but I’m making some dumb track.  I’m making this really fucking lame beat – it sounds like swag rap, it sucks.  That’s all I do [making beats and making art], not trying to be corny.  I like playing video games and shit, like all the other kids.  I just work all the time, that’s it.  I might go out on  Friday, that’s the one thing, if I’m not doing anything.  I’ve had a big night, wake up, it’s like 11am, eat some veggie bacon, you know what it is, maybe make a beat for like three hours, go for a walk, and then come back and approach it with new ears.  Then I just make shit until like 4am, I’m a badman. I’m in my last year of sixth form, I’m doing that graphic design shit, I think I finish in like three months or something.  I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid, so I kind of feel obliged to be a graphic  designer or whatever.  That’s some of the shit I imagine I’m going to end up doing.  I don’t know, I want to take like a year off or something, see if this shit works.  I live in this little town, about an hour away from Bristol, that’s probably the closest thing.  It’s called Shaftesbury, it’s down South, it’s on a fucking hill.  It’s an old-ass Victorian town or whatever.

People say you’re Irish…

I’ve literally got no idea where the fuck that came from.  I’m like a quarter Irish.  I can’t stop people from saying that.  Some blog must have gathered it from my full name, which sounds Irish as fuck and now I can’t seem to shake it off.  I’ll probably get beaten up by some Irish dudes one day.


Treetunnels, I had this tape called Comet Camping, which was basically just straight-up beats. What I did with Treetunnels was I was like ‘Fuck this, I’m not just going to make rapper-less beats, I want to make songs’.  Originally I was going to self-release it, it was going to be like five songs.  It was crazy, I was in school and this teacher was like ‘There’s this other kid who makes beats’ and I was like ‘Oh yeah, whatever’.  So she emailed me, and it was this guy called Memotone, and I checked him out and his shit was fucking incredible.  He was like Shlohmo‘s earlier shit, some shit like that but kind of turnt, it was incredible.  I hit him up and I guess he kind of took a shine to me and passed my stuff on to Error Broadcast, and we kind of just figured it out from there.  Error Broadcast, they’re my boys.

Upcoming release on 12″…

Yeah that’s definitely still happening.  What it could be is insane.  It’s going to have these two dudes on, who I probably can’t say right now because it’s not 100% set in stone, but that shit will be like, that’s some shit I was trying to do like three years ago. Iglooghost releases come on cassettes, with stickers… It’s like the first thing I did, it must have been last Summer. That’s all I could have done, it was just me dubbing cassettes manually in my room.  That’s like that struggle shit!  I don’t know, if this shit goes anywhere, I want to retain that kind of magic feel, I want to release weird physical shit.  I don’t just want to release a CD, I’ll never release a CD, I only want to release weird shit.


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