At the start of 2014, Barbadian producer Italic(f) and rapper Tony Millions teamed up to release their ‘Colorless’ EP.  The four track tape pairs Italic’s hazy yet funky production with Tony Millions distinctive flair.  Province got the two young proteges together to talk about the ideas behind the project, their influences, and their futures.
To start, can you both just introduce yourselves? Just tell me a little bit about yourselves, including real names, stage names, places of birth, places of residence, ages etc.


Tony Millions 1

Italic(f): Well I had been making beats for like six months, so I used to put my stuff on SoundCloud.  I was looking for rappers to collaborate with and I think I put it on Tumblr or something that I was looking, and immediately some guy hit me up and was like, ‘Check out Tony Millions’, and no doubt the stuff was crazy.  So yeah I hit Tony up.

Tony Millions: Yeah, Ray discovered me on Tumblr, and contacted me on SoundCloud, and now we make some of the most unique sounding music – full of amazing production and incredible lyrics.

What was it about each other’s styles that made you decide to work together?

Tony Millions: Honestly what makes me like Italic(f)’s production is that he adds in skits and interesting intros/outros that set up a foundation to write some of the most complex lyrics, which sets me up for creative perfection. Also his production doesn’t sound like most modern mainstream instrumentals.

Italic(f): Yeah, I was going down his SoundCloud thinking, this dude’s flow is crazy. I listened to like 5 songs cause I didn’t wanna collaborate with just anyone, you know. The wordplay was clever, his style reminded me of Domo Genesis! Another thing that attracted me was this work ethic that he had – this song a day thing – he would do a song everyday and release it. To me that said a lot, that’s crazy work ethic right there

Once you’d got together, what was the idea behind ‘Colorless’ EP? How did you get started, and what did you set out to create?

Italic(f): I had just released Tiananmen Square like a week prior so I had a ton of beats and Ideas that I had been sitting on.  Tony heard a couple of beats off Tiananmen Square that he wanted, and I sent him some un-released stuff as well. I sent him like 2 beats initially and like 2 days later he emailed me back with one already done haha. We both wanted a very short project, I just think short EPs are cool. Like Curren$y, he’d bring out an EP with 3 songs, I just think that’s dope.

What was the reason for calling the EP ‘Colorless’? Who came up with the title?

Tony Millions: The reason for naming it Colorless was because everybody sees things in color. When things are broadcasted in color, we tend to notice flaws more easily; they stand out more. When things are in black and white, we tend to put our pre-assumptions aside and view the object from an artistic perspective. That was what we were looking for when we released the EP.


Who would each of you cite as your five favourite artists of all time?

Italic(f): Mine would be Flying Lotus and Jay Dilla, they are my main influences. Also Lapalux, Samiyam, and definitely Alchemist.

Tony Millions: Krs-One, Naughty By Nature, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa,

And which artists are you listening to at the moment, are there any recent releases which you’ve had on repeat?

Tony Millions: Colorless of course. When i’m not listening to that i’m more than likely bumpin that Paper Chasers By Kevin Gates

Italic(f): I’m a big Thelonius Martin fan. Polo Sporting Goods. And I’ve been into alot of jungle drum and bass as of late

And if you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be? Apart from each other of course.

Italic(f): Earl Sweatshirt would be my dream collab.

Tony Millions: If we’re talking all-time, it would be Nate Dogg.  Did you hear the way that man could harmonize? All I would need is a fresh hook. I can hold down the rappin part.  But if we were talking about someone still alive in the game it would be Wiz Khalifa.

I was never a die hard Nate Dogg fan, but yeah he’s dope.

Tony Millions 2

What can we expect from you both in the future? What’s next?

I’ll be fully producing my next project, ARTXXFALLACy.  I’ve got a couple of beats already confirmed.  But first I’m going to do at least two videos from Vantage Point.
Giiibbz of Fizix will definitely be on there.

Tony Millions: I’ve got a show at The Pike Room coming up on February 23rd.  I’m currently wrapping up a collaborative mixtape with Brooklyn producer OsoFamiliar. I’m also finishing up a track with Loud T.  Then I’m planning to drop another music video.  Oh, And Collaborate With Italic(f) when he sends me the right beat!

Stream the brilliant ‘Colorless EP’ below via SoundCloud, and stay tuned for more from these exciting new artists in the near future.



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