The things we know about Mzwetwo:

1. He is from New Zealand

2. He is nineteen years old

3. He has recently released his debut EP, ‘Gallantino’.

Admittedly, this isn’t much at all, but it’s enough to fall head over heels in love with his unique sound.  The three track EP is heavily lo-fi, brooding and buzzing in all the right places, but it also contains these glorious hooks that make it all instantly likeable.  Opening track ‘I’d Go Back On My Heart’ is a straight-up love song, and actually sounds a little like late David Bowie.  Next is ‘Michael Jackson’, which Hip Hop heads will love without ever having heard anything like it before, before it gives way to ‘City Of China’ which sits halfway between these two tracks, and sounds a little like a grittier, yet more tender TV On The Radio.  This is an EP that has, quite simply, left us completely in awe.  Stream below via SoundCloud.


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