Tomorrow (September 13) will see the release of UK collective Strangeway’s latest EP ‘Insanity Business.  Their last instrumental EP ‘Fresh Beets’ demonstrated the incredible production talents of Elph and Druid, and their Youtube channel has showcased the lyrical prowess of MCs JHotrock and Elbee.  ’Insanity Business’ will feature all four artists combined.  Ahead of the release, Province caught up with Strangeway for the details…

Province: What are Strangeway doing right now?

Strangeway: “Promotion, filming videos and smoking. We’ve worked pretty intensely on this EP over the past 4 months, so we want as many people as possible to hear the effort we’ve put in. We are still filming videos for a few songs off the album, as well as a series of freestyles called ‘tea-styles’, which should be released soon. We are also getting ready for Boom Bap Festival, where we’ll be handing out free copies of the EP and getting completely smashed.”

Province: Are you pleased with the way ‘Insanity Business’ has turned out?

Strangeway: “Yeah, the project wasn’t really planned, we just started making songs after Fresh Beets and after 4 weeks or so we decided there was enough good songs to put together into a CD. Being able to home record gave us a ton of experience in engineering, mixing and mastering. We spent a lot of time practicing and experimenting which nurtured a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of making good music.”

Province: How does it compare with ‘Fresh Beets’

STRANGEWAY: “‘Fresh Beets’, just being an instrumental CD, really gave us the time to work out how we wanted to sound as a group. But with ‘Insanity Business’ we managed to create something original but also something true to ourselves. It was surprising when we listened back to the EP as a whole how everything tied together, rather than just sounding like a collection of random songs. A lot of people seemed to like ‘Fresh Beets’, so we hope people will see how we have progressed.”

Province: Other than ‘Insanity Business’, what has been Strangeway’s favourite release of 2013 so far?  What else is on the Strangeway stereo?

Strangeway: “We all listen to different stuff really, don’t think we have a collective favourite release, we’ve listened to a lot of Mobb Deep, Dead Players, DJ Harry Love, Rag N Bone Man, Asher Roth, Earl Sweatshirt, Naughty Boy, Chance The Rapper and Pete Cannon. We are all really looking for the return of Task Force with ‘Music From The Corner 5’, which is going to be massive!”

Province: Is there anything you’ve been listening to that has had a real influence on the EP?

Strangeway: “We think there is a lot of stuff that has had an effect on us during the recording that isn’t even close to Hip Hop. For instance, we can hear an influence from Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire within the epic, huge sound in some of the songs. We think drawing inspiration from different sources give us the ability to make something with more worth than the same slop that is churned out so often. We’ve also listened to a lot of soul, funk, and R’n’B while digging for those samples.”

Stream ‘Insanity Business’ below via BandCamp.

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