One of the hottest producers around at the minute provides a beat that Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats can really let loose on, thanks to a Closed Session in the summer from Ruby Hornet.  Hodgy occupies a certain niche within the group in that he’s the reflective one: the true MC.  This certainly comes across here, and while the Mellowhype project is brilliantly stylised, it’s nice to hear him go over a beat with some real substance.  Why they stopped after just one minute is a mystery, Hodgy’s metaphors could quite happily trip over one another over this beautifully melodic beat for days and not become tiresome.  Perhaps Busta threatened legal action over the name.  Regardless, Hodgy is sitting pretty as OF’s most lyrically gifted, at least until Earl Sweatshirt decides it’s time to drop his album…

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